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WELCOME TO THE CINCINNATI ROYALS BASKETBALL WEBSITE!  We are excited with all that is happening with our program. We have added this new website to communicate all the happenings within our program. We have also recently renovated our lobby at Landmark Sports Complex. We have painted our entire lobby,  purchased all new Royals' banners and finished our newly purchased trophy cases. We have a new Twitter account and will soon have our own blog. Come be part of a great tradition!

WINTER TRYOUTS - dates are set and all tryouts are at the Landmark Basketball Complex. For dates and times CLICK HERE. 






  3rd Grade Boys                 Email  nicke32@yahoo.com

  4th Grade Boys                Email  tom_sunderman@yahoo.com

  5th Grade Boys                Email  dduco@supplyforce.com 

                                              Email treadwjl@ucmail.uc.edu

  6th Grade Boys                Email  jhavens931@aol.com

  7th Grade Boys                Email  tom_sunderman@yahoo.com

                                              Email  dduco@supplyforce.com

  8th Grade Boys                Email  sufferman23@gmail.com

  9th Grade Boys                Email  brian.daley67@gmail.com

 10th Grade Boys                Email  jhavens931@aol.com

11th Grade Boys                Email  jhavens931@Email 

                                              Email  zprhomes@yahoo.com


  4th Grade Girls                Email   

  5th Grade Girls                Email  mikekimsebastian@gmail.com

  6th Grade Girls                Email  wwcordes3@fuse.net

                                             Email  jraby2000@gmail.com

  7th Grade Girls                Email  f.mattwilliams@gmail.com

                                             Email  tedsunderman@zoomtown.com 

  8th Grade Girls                Email  tedsunderman@zoomtown.com

 10th Grade Girls                Email  mikekimsebastian@gmail.com              

 11th Grade Girls    Email  brownaaron62@aol.com

CINCY KINGS PROGRAM - This program was created to help players who do not have a team to play for or cannot commit to the full AAU schedule some programs require. It will include 1-2 practices per week, 10 game league, a post season tourney, and our spring drills n skills program. Cost is $250 per player. If you are interested in coaching a team please email us at tom_sunderman@yahoo.com. For this info CLICK HERE and to sign up use this REGISTRATION FORM.


    Congrats 1st Graders winning 2nd Grade Friars                 Winter League Tourney Championship!    


         3rd Grade Kingdom Pre National Champs

   6th Grade USBA 9th in Nation AAU 11th in Nation


2018 Spiece Run n Slam Gold Division Champs

          4th Grade GBA Cincy Classic and Under            Armour Queen City Invitational Champs

​Official Store NOW OPEN!

           8th Grade Girls Ohio AAU State Champs

          8th Grade Easter Jam Tourney Champs

6B BLACK.jpg

       6th Grade Boys of Summer Tourney Champs

        6th Grade Easter Jam Tourney Champs

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